Halloween Hoopla
Halloween Hoopla
October 24/25, 2015 
Vegas Elite Invitational
7th Annual Vegas Elite Invitational
April 9/10, 2016
Memorial Day Magic
May 28-30, 2016 

LV Nationals
Las Vegas Nationals
July 8-10, 2016 

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  • Tristan Miranda - 5 Premier

  • Ryan Gray - Team Vegas Elite 2018

  • Jaden Rhodes - 5 Premier

  • Jamal Bey - Team Vegas Elite 2018

  • Jack Bridges - 5 Premier

  • Zaon Collins - 6 Premier

  • Calvin Brooks - Team Vegas Elite 2018

  • Vegas Elite HS Girls in Cali - April 2013

  • Vegas Elite HS Girls - Heading to Louisville - July 2013

  • 3 Blue takes home the "SHIP" at the SGV Invitational 2015

2015 Fall Session Evaluation Schedule

** THE 2015 FALL SESSION WILL RUN AUG. 31st to NOV. 21st (12 WEEKS) **

Monday, Aug. 31 & Wednesday, Sept. 2: 

4:00 PM   K-2nd Grade (Boys & Girls)
5:00 PM   Boys 3rd Grade & Girls 3rd-5th Grade
6:00 PM   Boys 5th Grade
7:30 PM   Boys 7th Grade

Tuesday, Sept. 1 & Thursday, Sept 3: 

4:00 PM   Boys 4th Grade
5:30 PM   Boys 6th Grade
7:00 PM   Boys 8th Grade

Friday, Sept. 4th:

5:30 PM   Girls 6th - 8th Grade

Evaluations are held at the Heinrich YMCA, 4141 Meadows Lane. 
There is NO COST to attend the evaluations. 
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to attend both evaluation sessions to insure proper evaluation and placement for your child. 

Registration Process

All new and returning members are required to register online. Returning players may use the same username and password to register and will be able to import all basic information in the new registration form. Some additional information and digital signatures will be required to complete the registration. 

To Register online click HERE.  

All payments are taken through PayPal. You DO NOT need to have a PayPal account to register or make payment. When prompted to register with PayPal, just click on conitnue to pay with credit card.

Evaluation Process

All new and returning members must go through the evaluation process.  
Step one of the evaluation process includes participation in two 60-minute training sessions (K-3rd) or two 90-minute training sessions (4th-8th grade)**.

Evaluation Day 1 - Consists of mostly fundamental drills to evaluate each child's basic skill set.
Evaluation Day 2 - Consists of several different types of competition settings to evaluate each child's playing experience.  

Step two of the evaluation process is that your child will be placed into a smaller group of similar age and skill level and may be asked to participate in another practice session or two before being placed on a specific team. 

Your child will be evaluated based on skilll level & experience, as well as physical size and athletic ability. Once eveluated he or she will be placed into one of our two programs based on our club philosophy. Please go to the PROGRAMS tab above to see program descriptions. 

** Girls evaluation process may differ slightly based on age. 

Club Philosophy 

The primary focus of the VEBC has always been on the development of the individual player. We feel that as our individual members grow and improve, so will our teams. During competiton, we focus on the improvement of our members and teams, as well as the execution of team play and desire of our athletes to compete, rather than the score. We beleive that by challenging our members and teams to execute and compete at all times at their highest levels of their capability that, win or lose, through competiton and preparation comes the greatest improvement and development. 

With that said, it is very important that we place each member in a program that will offer him/her the best opportunity to compete, and therefore to grow and develop as a basketball player. 

Program Descriptions & Fees

Player Development Program (PDP) - Bitty Ball, Jr's, and Elementary Divisions (K-5th Grade)

Player Development Program (PDP) - Middle School Division

Travel Team Program - All Teams (2nd-8th Grade)  



The Vegas Elite Basketball Club is the premier youth basketball program for the development of boys and girls in Southern Nevada. Founded in 2007, Vegas Elite has quickly become the largest youth basketball organization in the state of Nevada with boys and girls members aged 5 to 17 years old. The primary purpose of The Club is to provide a platform for the youth of Las Vegas to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball. Through intense training, exceptional coaching, competitive experiences, and educational mentoring, Vegas Elite members are given the very best opportunity to maximize his/her potential and reach their basketball and educational goals.