About Us

About The Coaches

The Vegas Elite coaching staff is made up of ex-college and professional players with extensive experience teaching and training basketball at all levels, from beginners to established NBA players. Elite coaches understand the process of building teams and promoting player development within those teams having played at all different levels themselves. The Club feels that  the experience, qualifications, and dedication of  its coaching staff is what sets Vegas Elite apart and above other youth sports organizations.

About The Club

The Vegas Elite Basketball Club is the premier youth basketball program for the development of boys and girls in Southern Nevada.  Founded in 2007, Vegas Elite has quickly become the largest youth basketball organization in the state of Nevada with boys and girls members aged 5 to 17 years old. The primary purpose of The Club is to provide a platform for the youth of Las Vegas to achieve excellence in the sport of basketball.  Through intense training, exceptional coaching, competitive experiences, and educational mentoring, Elite members are given the very best opportunity to maximize his/her potential and reach their basketball and educational goals.

What you should expect from the VEGAS ELITE program:

  • VEGAS ELITE will involve your child in wholesome, energetic activity based on teamwork, good sportsmanship, and fellowship.
  • VEGAS ELITE will encourage development of your child with the strength to work, prepare and improve; to have pride in achieving the best possible.
  • VEGAS ELITE will foster a positive attitude—negative actions and activity will not be tolerated. The success of each individual, team, and of The Club depends on a positive attitude.
  • VEGAS ELITE promotes a family atmosphere, instilling pride in individuals and the club.
  • VEGAS ELITE will sharpen individual understanding of the importance and necessity of teamwork, fair play, cooperation, dependability and unity---the core of success in all team efforts.
  • VEGAS ELITE will build self-confidence and poise in your child through personalized attention, encouragement, and interaction with teammates.
  • VEGAS ELITE will provide thorough, personalized training in the skills of the game according to individual age and exposure.
  • VEGAS ELITE will promote an equal opportunity for your child to grow in the sport through concentrated drills and actual play.

What VEGAS ELITE will expect from your child:

  • Maximum effort at all times
  • Concentration during practice and games.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Respect all VEGAS ELITE staff members.
  • Come to practice ready to learn.
  • Come to games ready to play.

What VEGAS ELITE will expect from the parents:

  • VEGAS ELITE encourages parents to be involved and attend games and practices.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects parents to volunteer to assist in various activities such as chaperones on out of town trips, help out with fundraisers, and more.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects parents to allow their child to be coached by our staff during practice and games WITHOUT DISTRACTION.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects positive encouragement of VEGAS ELITE teams during games  - JEERING OFFICIALS OR OPPONENTS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects parents to give positive support and encouragement to their children and his/her teammates.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects parents to have confidence in and give support of VEGAS ELITE coaches and their decisions.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects parents to read, understand sign and return a copy of a waiver allowing participation in the VEGAS ELITE program, acknowledging the potential for injury which is inherent in all sports, regardless of full observance of all safety rules and the best coaching. The waiver releases VEGAS ELITE as well as groups and entities responsible for organizing and providing facilities for practices, tournaments and activities connected with club participation from any liability during the entire season.
  • VEGAS ELITE expects prompt payment of club fees, tournament fees or any other fees that may arise throughout the year.

About The Founder/Director

Brian Sitter is a graduate of Bishop Gorman High School where he led them to back to back state titles in 1988 and 1989. He was named Gatorade and Naismith Nevada State Player of the Year in 1989. Brian went on to play college at St. Mary's, New Mexico State, and Univ. of North Florida, reaching the Sweet 16 with NMSU in 1992. In 1994 Brian broke, and still holds, the single season scoring record for the Univ. of North Florida. After college, Brian played professionally for four years in Brazil and Japan. When he returned to the U.S. he became an assistant coach at the Univ. of North Florida. Brian returned to Las Vegas in 2000 to work with the semi-pro Las Vegas Bandits of the International Basketball League.

Brian has a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education, and has over fifteen years experience directing youth basketball camps, as well as serving as Camp Director at several major universities including: UNLV, BYU, University of North Florida, Northern Arizona, New Mexico and New Mexico State. Brian also trains many college and NBA players in the off-season, including most recently the likes of Devon Harris (Nets), Jason Kapono (Raptors), Chauncey Billups (Nuggets), and Baron Davis (Clippers).
Coach Sitter is currently a member of the coaching staff for Adidas Nations,  coaching the class of 2011 Adidas National Team, and was selected as an assistant coach for the USA/2K Sports High School National team that recently placed 3rd in France's World 19u Tournament. Brian started Vegas Elite in 2007 and is also president of LasVegasHoops.com, responsible for running many of Southern Nevada’s top basketball leagues, tournaments, camps, and events.