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The Vegas Elite Basketball Club was founded in 2007 and has quickly become the largest youth basketball organization in the state of Nevada. The primary purpose of the Boys High School program is to provide the youth of Las Vegas the tools necessary to become recruitable athletes and ultimately have the opportunity to gain a college education through a basketball scholarship. The Vegas Elite coaches have all been through the recruiting process as players and have designed a successful program that will not only guide our members through the process but also provide intense training, proper coaching, competitive experiences, and educational mentoring. Vegas Elite feels that each of these components are imperative in providing its members with the tools necessary, both on the court and in the classroom, to eventually be recruited by colleges and universities.


2017 Boys High School Rosters

2018 National Team - Practice Tue/Thu 6pm

Jamal Bey
Trey Woodbury
Dajon Howe
Saxton Howard
Ian Alexander
Cameron Burist
Zimm Agu
Trent Brown (AZ)
Jordan Mains (AZ)
Aidyn Albright (AZ)

2018 Regional Team - Practice Mon/Thu 6pm

Jeremy Hughes
Carter Reback
Godwin Maduka
Jovan Labura
Chris White
Manny Mitchell
Drew Kessler
Kelvin Seals
Parker Kanne

2019 Team - Practice Mon 6pm / Thu 7:30pm

Adrik Lazarou
Myles Bendavid
Nolan Wedlow
Jordan Wafer
Jackson Jones
Jahlani Blair
Daniel Plumer
Tayvin Cartier
Adrian Armstrong
Brendan Hickam

2020 National Team - Practices Tue 6pm / Thu 7:30pm

Zaon Colins
Noah Taitz
Jaylon Lee
William McClendon
Juwan Rohan
Nati Asfaw
Max Howard
Braden Lamar
Mohammad Khalaf
Larry Holmes

2020 Regional Team - Practices Tue 7:30pm / Fri 6pm

Rob Jeter
Brandon Valez
Jackson Brandon
Jalen Moreland (AZ)
Ethan Marcus
Darren Telmo
Nick Attanasio
Sam Johnson
Brackin Bowler
Brayden Wittig-Payne
Dallin Peterson (UT)